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Doctor and Patient

How We Do it...

  • Testosterone replacement therapy

  • Botox injections

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Body Composition analysis

  • Medication-assisted weight loss program

  • Custom macronutrient-based diet plans

  • Hair rejuvenation

  • Erectile stimulants

  • Treatment for premature ejaculation

  • Cortisone injections for tendonitis and arthritis

Want in? Easy!....
  1. Fill out the form below and the office will call you to schedule​ an appointment. The initial consultation fee is $150. 

  2. Pay a $50 deposit to reserve a date/time which will be applied to the consultation fee.

  3. You will complete the visit either in person or via zoom with the clinician as scheduled to discuss your case.

  4. Blood work will then be ordered and conveniently collected in the office or a local lab of your preference.

  5. If you have insurance, your labs may be filed. If you do not have insurance then there are affordable self-pay prices available to our patients.

  6. You will be contacted by the provider after labs finalize to review the results and establish a custom treatment plan.

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